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Hollerin' At A Woodpecker

Image of Hollerin' At A Woodpecker

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Weaver's 3rd Effort released in 2002.

MOJO– “It’s an album I’ve not stopped playing – The melodies here - spare ballads, warm roots rock – are as strong as the lyrics, sung in a voice like gravel in a wound.”

UNCUT- “piercing narrative cloaked in crooked swamp blues and unadorned country-folk.

Sing Out – “‘Hollerin at a Woodlecker’ won’t warm the cockles of your heart, but if your good gal just left you perhaps you’ll understand.”

1. The Ocean Ain't Blue
2. Sara
3. Blood
4. Pissin' In The Wind
5. Woodpecker Song
6. The Night Is A Coal Pit
7. Those Semis Sounded Like Thunder
8. More Than I Miss You
9. Horse Hair And Hay
10. Christian Demons
11. Sunshine Tonight
12. Don't Wanna Go Nowhere
13. Always Loved You
14. Nelson Mississippi